• Relieve Colitis and Irritable Bowel

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      Relief from Irritable Bowel and Colitis

      You can have remarkable results in just 3 weeks!  Relief from Irritable Bowel - Colitis contains two separate hypnosis programs.  An Anchor Meditation program that you can use whenever you wish to help relax, and the healing Activlink Hypnosis program. Included in the price of the hypnosis programs is the first month of Activlink Text Messages automatically sent to your cell phone which have been proven to speed your healing process.

      1. Introduction to Activlink Colitis IBS Hypnosis


      Trigger Messages - IBS Colitis

      The relaxing and healing suggestions contained in each of the Activlink Hypnosis Programs will be re-activated each time you receive your Activlink text messages.

      1. Activlink Sound Clip



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    Relief from Irritable Bowel and Colitis

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