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Science-Based Medical Hypnosis Products

Activlink Targeted Medical Hypnosis Products are Science-Based, patented, and proven hypnosis products.

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Science-Based Medical Hypnosis Products

They are fully tested and proven under the rigorous standards of the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovations in Research grants.

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Science-Based Medical Hypnosis Products

Unique Activlink post-hypnotic suggestion triggers are delivered to you several times per day via private text message.

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Simply listen to your targeted and relaxing audio-hypnosis program each morning, and receive relaxing and reinforcing Activlink Triggers™ via text messages during your day. They automatically reintroduce the post-hypnotic suggestions contained in the hypnosis program.

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Activlink Hypnosis

Welcome To Activlink Hypnosis

The gift of healing is received when we fully engage all of our mind/body resources with other resources available to us on our healing journey. Activlink Targeted Medical Hypnosis products represent powerful patented and clinically proven tools, processes, and resources that support our healing process.

Surgery And Birth Partner Programs

If you are about to have surgery, the Activlink Surgery Partner is an amazing tool to make your surgical experience, shorter, less risky, improve outcome, and speed healing. If you are expecting a baby, the Activlink Birth Partner will reduce your fear and pain, shorten your labor, reduce or eliminate your use of medication, and reduce the likelihood of emergency C-section surgery.

Relief And Release Products

If you have struggled with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, weight release, tobacco and nicotine addiction, alcoholism, prescription and non-prescription drug addiction, or other life threatening disease, our patented and proven Activlink Targeted Medical Hypnosis systems can help you on your journey.

Featured Products


I used this program for two surgeries, once when I got my wisdom teeth extracted and again when I had surgery on my hand. It was amazing for both the pre-surgery anxiety as well as recovery. I was literally up and about the same night after getting my wisdom teeth done. My hand surgery was scarier because I was awake, and this program really helped me get through it without getting traumatized.

Jessica S.

I wanted to thank you for the Surgery Hypnosis Program that you provided when I had my extensive foot surgery last October. The surgery itself was comprised of 7 separate procedures and approximately 2-1/2 hours under anesthesia. It went beautifully and was without any complications whatsoever.

My recovery went extremely well also, with my husband and daughter voicing their surprise at my quick healing and very limited pain postoperative thanks to you!

Lynne F.

I’ve been using the Activlink Surgery Partner with my cardiac surgery patients on a regular basis. We clip it on during pre-op, and they listen all the way through to the recovery room. We can always interact with the patient when we need to. They take the device home after discharge to listen to the post surgery healing program.

Patients report less anxiety, a more satisfying surgical experience, and quicker recovery. We notice a more relaxed patient, less anesthesia and pain meds, quicker procedures, and shortened recovery times. I recommend it for any surgery including general anesthesia procedures to reduce risk, improve patient experience, and reduce time in surgery.


FACC Seattle, WA